Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A few of my favorite things

Thrifting stuff for my house can be difficult. I try not to aquire too much dishware and such, as I don't have a lot of storage. It's so tempting to get every adorable plate/cup/bowl I find. So far I've mostly been able to resist, but I do have a few things I thought you'd enjoy.

Cotillion Powder

My great grandma had powder that smelled just like this when I was growing up. Whenever we'd get out of the bath she'd let us have one puff of powder from the big fluffy thing inside. The smell really takes me back, and I admit I only open it every once and a while when I'm feeling nostalgic. :)

"Nuts to You!"

I love this "Nuts" to You bowl. Oh my goodness. Every time I look at it I burst out laughing.

Personally Mine treasure box

My mom got my this for Christmas. It's a cute little vinyl box that opens to hold some treasure. She said she had a similar one when she was younger.

Glass Box and Resin Pendants

She also got me this handmade glass box. Not really thrifted, I spose, but it's still really beautiful! Also these resin pendants came from etsy for my high school proms.

See you soon!

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  1. What a pretty set of items! Those resin pendants are so so gorgeous, as is the box they're on. And the "personally mine/ponytail" box is just the cutest thing ever; I love the little girl on the front!


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