Sunday, April 10, 2011


Been a very long week for us. Taking care of Klausey's business takes a lot out of me, but for now it looks like we're on the right track. He gets to have special medicine that makes his water green and fish-flavored, which I'm sure thrills him immensely. :)

Today we went out to the park to spend time walking and enjoying the sun. It was very windy! Which meant of course that nothing was cooperating for pictures, but it was still a very fun afternoon.


Being spring time, the baby ducks are beginning to emerge! These guys were so cute. I know, I animal photos. But they were so great! Small and fluffy and perfect.



4.10.11 | Feathers


Here's a little blooper for you guys, since Michael always seems to catch me doing something silly. I think this was right after I chased a mean goose away. He was chasing the mama duck and her babies! What a jerk!

4.10.11 | Blooper!

I'm off to play The Sims Medieval. I'm a hopeless nerd. See you soon. :)


  1. Sounds like a great day!! And I like playing sims to I guess I'm a nerd hahaha

  2. Great pictures, the ducks are so cute! :)


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