Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Outfit Post :: Juniper Berries

(Goofiest face ever? Probably :D)

This outfit was pretty fun to put together! I found this skirt by chance at Goodwill and I felt like it was fate, because I absolutely love it. It's got a great silhouette and I love things that combine brown, black, AND white...they are so easy and versatile to style. 

Tomorrow is Halloween - finally! Eek, I'm so excited! After Christmas, Halloween is my favorite holiday. I actually get pretty excited this time of year, because it's the triple threat of awesome holidays - Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas! Awesome. My husband is so wonderful, he's got a great fun day planned for us. It will culminate with passing out candy to some trick or treaters and then going to see a movie we're both very excited about - Silent Hill 2! We're not expecting a cinematic masterpiece, but it's one of our favorite games so it will definitely be fun.

As a bonus, to get you in the creepy mood for tomorrow, here's a silly shot of me being creepy through the trees.

I like silly shots. Maybe I'll make them a regular thing! 

See you soon <3

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