Monday, January 21, 2013

Rock Steady

  Outfit Details
Hat \\ Old Navy
Blouse \\ Vintage, Estate Sale
Belt \\ Vintage, Estate Sale
Skirt \\ Target
Tights \\ Sock Dreams
Shoes \\ Modcloth
Glasses \\ Coastal

Yesterday Michael and I discovered a new park which turned out to be the most amazing place we've yet found. It has everything you could want! High, rocky cliffs to explore, both at the top and the bottom, a river, forests, and lovely walking bridges! We just happened to stop there for some outfit pictures and ended up exploring for almost an hour and a half, up until it became too dark. We loved it so much we're planning to spend the whole day exploring there today.

I've had a very lucky streak lately, actually. These glasses arrived from Coastal (I got them as a part of their first-pair-free deal) and looked so much cuter than my other glasses! I just couldn't get used to those big round frames, they didn't quite feel like me. These however fit me perfectly. I followed that lucky buy up with a chance stop at an estate sale that yielded this gorgeous blouse as well as this perfectly mod looking velvet belt. I also scored one in my current obsession color, forest green! I hope by reading this some of my luck will rub off on you! <3


  1. That place looks great! Your belt is so cute and I like the new specs. :)

    Nestled in Nostalgia

  2. Love your style! Great location too :)!

    <3 Megan

  3. you have such great taste my dear so looking forward to seeing more outfits!
    xo Ilana @ My Modern Vintage

  4. Woah, that place looks incredible! And what a beautiful view from the top! You are so lucky to live so close by to this. Love the outfit too, you can never go wrong with b&w! :)

  5. Exploring is so much fun! I love finding all the hidden cool spots where I live as well. Also, the blouse is gorgeous!

  6. Such a cute skirt! I have got to try Coastal. I tried Firmoo and while i like the frames, I'm not crazy about the lenses. You can't beat the incentive to try Coastal!

    1. the quality from Coastal is really light years ahead! Their lenses and frames feel sturdier and are more exact to my prescription. I can't recommend them enough.

  7. How beautiful this outfit is on you! Love it. I never heard of Coastal before (but I do use Firmoo which has a similar program). Cool! Great shoes, by the way!


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