Wednesday, January 23, 2013



Monday being one of our first full days off together in quite a while, my husband and I made the totally crazy decision to go on an hours-long hike in the 20 degree weather. Cold as we were, I was so glad we did. We ended up checking out some gorgeous local caves.


 Both caves were beautiful and the darkness gave us quite a challenge to shoot in. I could have probably spent all day hanging out in the dark there, listening to the sounds of underground waterways. The water in the main area had frozen into beautiful star-like formations with dagger points crisscrossing in all directions. It was certainly the most unique nature walk yet.


  1. Omg how cool :O That's like one of the best going out plans ever. And indeed, you see wonders there (: And must be really interesting the natural arquitecture of the caves, you show some of it in your pictures. So glad I checked your blog ^^


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