Saturday, March 26, 2011

Gone Fishin'

Today was a great day! Early this morning we dragged ourselves out of bed for an estate sale in New Orleans. I was fearful we wouldn't get much, but it was awesome! I got a great pile of dresses and jewelry for the shop.

Speaking of! I actually have made progress on it! About half the pictures are taken and the storefront's all set, just waiting for some listings. You can be sure I will let you know when that happens. :) Soon!

3.26.11 | Gone Fishing

3.26.11 | Gone Fishing

This bag was one of the lovelies I got at the sale. It's probably the most awesome vintage handbag I've ever laid my eyes on. Tooled leather lid and handles with a fisherman's basket style body. And it could be yours! ;)

3.26.11 | Gone Fishing

3.26.11 | Gone Fishing

Hopefully my next post is the very first Sweet August Eyes shop update! See you soon!

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