Friday, March 18, 2011

Young Edwardian

3.18.11 | Young Edwardian

3.18.11 | Young Edwardian

This Young Edwardian dress is one of my favorite vintage pieces. It's also one of the first I ever bought, from Liebemarlene way back when I first discovered vintage clothing. I've seen tons of versions around the interwebs, in blue, in black, in forest green...they're all lovely. I dream of collecting this dress in every color. Funnily enough, I saw right after I posted this that there's a new post over at Delightfully Tacky where she just so happens to be wearing the blue version of this dress! I'm pretty sure it is anyway. :)

3.18.11 | Young Edwardian

Midterm madness has me busy around here. I'm looking forward to a Mod Night party I'm going to tomorrow night. Pictures soon!

See ya!

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