Monday, March 21, 2011

Seeing Red


Today we went out to shoot some photos for one of Michael's projects, the panorama. I wasn't able to get any photos of the mod night outing, mostly because I decided I wasn't brave enough to take the camera to the dark, crowded bar where it was held! I should have gotten some at home, but by the time I remembered when we got back it was quite late. So I recreated the outfit for you today.


3.21.11 | Rocks

I found some great geodes and crystal-y rocks!

We shot in our two favorite places, on the levee and on top of a super high parking garage.

3.21.11 | Part of a Panorama

The last panel of the panorama.

3.21.11 | Shadow Ballet

See you soon!


  1. Gorgeous dress, a simple but v pretty look :)

  2. Gorgeous dress! I love the golden lighting/scenery in the first two pictures, too; very pretty!!


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