Monday, December 31, 2012

A Big 2012 Recap!

Well this old year is officially on its way out, but it's definitely a year I don't want to forget. It was one of the best, biggest, most important years of my life! I don't have a whole lot by way of recap since I haven't been blogging for all of 2012, but I thought I could share with you the most important part - our wedding!

My husband and I eloped and spent a week in Maine, the most beautiful place I've ever been and our (hopefully near) future home. Our ceremony was very low key and quick, just the two of us and just the way we wanted.

(Of course we had to get our photo in the adorable Maine moose hats!)

The rest of our time was spent exploring the beautiful scenery Maine has to offer. We only saw the barest fragment, but it only took one glimpse of the sea to know that the coast is where I belong.

This gorgeous image was taken using an infrared filter which photographs outside of the visual light spectrum. My husband is really excellent at taking these sorts of images.

So there it is, the most exciting part of my 2012. I remember it so fondly I can hardly look at these images without a little tear in my eye! I'm so sentimental! I am so excited to look forward to 2013 with the hope that it will find us returning to these places, only this time as part of our home state.

See you soon! (In 2013!) <3

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