Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Curious and Quirky Christmas Wishlist

Christmas is growing ever nearer and even though all my presents are purchased and it might be just a little bit too late, I still wanted to compile a weird and wonderful wishlist to share with you! I hope my strange taste in collectibles doesn't deter you too much!

1 \\ Stonehill Design has a beautiful collection of apothecary jars and medical tools, but this set of pill bottles really struck my eye. I'd love to put the bottles on display!
2 \\ Love these animal anatomy pillows from Myrte Musee! I couldn't choose just one!

3 \\ These make your own butterfly terrarium kits are amazing. As someone just getting into butterfly collecting, this would be a beautiful way to start out before transitioning into preserving my own specimens! Find them at The Amateur Naturalist 
4 \\ If I'm going to have taxidermy, I'd definitely want it to be an animal as interesting as the bat. Seriously fascinating creatures. From bonejewelry.

5 \\ This may seem a little weird, but I would love to have this 1800s hair locket! This type of piece and Victorian hair art in general are quite interesting. Wolf House Vintage.
6 \\ An insect preserved in amber from baltcoast. Combines two of my interests - minerals and insect specimens!

I hope everyone is finishing up their Christmas shopping without feeling too stressed about it...I waited a bit too long this year to get everything I needed online, so I had to make a last-minute-desperation shopping trip! Everything turned out okay though and I'm all done. Now all that's left is to enjoy the remainder of the season!!

See you soon! <3


  1. Deter? Nonsense! These only make you more intriguing. :D

    1. Awesome! good to know others enjoy my weird tastes too

  2. I absolutely love this! The skeleton pillows are so beautiful & are going right to the top of my wish list! :)


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