Sunday, December 23, 2012

Lazy Sunday Instagram Roundup #6

1 \\ My husband being very daring...climbing out over the river! Getting back was much harder than getting up there.
2 \\ I made this collage on the same hike and I really love it! That mushroom on the left was very photogenic.

3 \\ A bottle of my husband's favorite wine for Christmas dinner.
4 \\ Christmas cookies!

5 \\ My healthy dinner yesterday before work... cookies and gummy worms! 
6 \\ My husband gave me this awesome tiger hat as an early present! It's so kitschy and silly but I love it.

(my username on instagram is 1finefeline or you can check out my profile on the web here!)

Tomorrow will be the big day - I'll be cooking all day in preparation for my husband and I's special (and very first!) Christmas dinner just the two of us. It will be a glorious night. I have a massive feast, Christmas movie fest, and present extravaganza planned for us. I hope it will be the start of a wonderful tradition! I've also been overdosing on Christmas music lately. I'm terribly, terribly excited.

I also wanted to let you know that I've added a coupon code to the Fine Feline Vintage shop! Use code FINEWINTER to get 20% off your purchase.

See you soon!! <3

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