Thursday, December 20, 2012

White Tail

I apologize for the abundance of nature posts lately... I suppose that was bound to happen. I had hoped Wednesday nature walk would be a success, but I had no idea it would turn into I-Can't-Wait-Until-Wednesday-For-Another nature walk! That actually makes me really happy though, it's been wonderful to up the activeness of our lifestyle. Despite that, I'm definitely working on bringing some variety back to the posts here.

Yesterday we had the opportunity to check out a new set of paths when we traveled a bit for family Christmas. It turned out to be very lovely, despite the chilly weather. We even had a totally awesome surprise! Just as we rounded the corner, not paying any attention at all, we stumbled across some forest denizens!

Six beautiful deer in all, and my husband managed to capture some really lovely photos of them! They were barely scared of us, just continued right on munching on some grass.

In exciting news, we're having some snow here today! It's very blustery right now, but I can't wait until it calms down so I can go out and take some photos.

See you soon! <3

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