Sunday, December 2, 2012

Lazy Sunday Instagram Roundup #3

Just a relaxing time with some Christmas socks  \\  Lucy plays hardcore when she's been into her catnip!

A cozy outfit for running some errands     \\       Starting the day with peppermint hot cocoa

Lovely snapshots from previous nature walks

Loving earmuff weather                     \\          Christmas tree and Christmas tunes at work!

Our idea of a fun night is a glass of wine and a heated Yahtzee tournament :D

I've got a very fancy Christmas party for work today. I probably only get to dress up for real about twice a year, so I am very excited!!

See you soon <3


  1. Peppermint hot chocolate is the best! (And I can't believe I haven't actually got round to officially following you until now...) x

    1. it totally is...I'd but peppermint on anything though! and thank you so much <3

  2. Mmm! Peppermint hot cocoa at home and to end the evening with wine and a game, sounds perfect!

    1. it was really lovely (even though my husband always uses his superior numbers skills to royally kick my tush)

  3. That all looks wonderful! And your cat is stunning by the way<3


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