Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuesday Thrifty Goodness

Happy Tuesday all. I've been enjoying the last few days of blissful springy weather here, and am looking forward to many more (I hope!). As I said over the weekend, my lovely beau agreed to let me check out the five dollar sale our local vintage shop was having. He's very "budget friendly" let's say, so this was quite a treat. As a result I have some great things to share with you! I was pretty excited. But first a little outfit.


I apologize for the blurriness! I guess the Man's focus was a bit off. Shh don't tell him though! ;)



I got this great 50s silk blouse for $5! It's so perfect... I am in love with mustard yellow. The pencil skirt was only $2. It looks to be homemade. I suppose it was marked down because there's some fraying threads inside, but all it needs is a little trimming and reinforcing. Usually I can't afford to shop at the LVS, but I went to the sale hoping there were a lot of girls who wouldn't find the older styles attractive and would leave the best stuff behind. I was right!

2.13.11 Leather Jacket

I didn't really like the look, but there was a chilly breeze so I topped this outfit off with a leather jacket.

2.13.11 | Polka Dots

Among the rest of my finds, a great polka dotty blouse.

2.13.11 | Pansy Dress

2.13.11 | Pansy Detail

This purple shirt dress is beautiful, I loved it as soon as I saw it. But I also realize it was probably too large for me. Oh well! I think soon I'll be starting up a little Etsy shop so someone else can enjoy these next few pieces.

2.13.11 | Uniform Blouse

This blouse reminds me of a uniform. The blue bib detail is really cute and is also on the sleeves.

2.13.11 | Rosey Cardigan

2.13.11 | Rosey Detail

I love this style of sweater from the 50s! The roses are so sweet. I have this cream one and a black one that's very similar. Unfortunately neither of them fits me! Those will be in my little Etsy shop soon too.

A quick trip to some thrift stores today yielded a lot of great vintage fabric and notions. I can't wait to get started making some tote bags and coin purses for this future Etsy venture!

See you soon!

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  1. such a darling spring outfit! and awesome finds. gosh i love thrifting :-)


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