Tuesday, November 13, 2012

DIY :: Feather Mobile

Ever since I saw the feather mobile DIY over at Needle and Nest, I've been thinking about it constantly. I was strictly on the lookout for feathers whenever I was outside, but I never seemed to have any luck finding any. Then I realized that one of my roommates was a perfect helper for the task!

Occasionally my lovely friend Gloria sheds some of her feathers as she prepares to grow new ones. Her feathers have really unique patterns and gray and white gave me a great blank canvas to work on!

I experimented with several color schemes before I settled on a very simple blue and white palette. I had a little silver glittery paint, but it turned out not to be very opaque. It still gave a nice slight shimmer to some of the feathers (and my paint water!)

I have to say, I love how it turned out! I was worried that I would mess it up, but I think this tutorial is genius because it would probably turn out beautifully no matter what types of feathers or wood or paint you used! It blends modern and rustic in a way that is really pleasing. I love having this hang just above my workspace. Hopefully it will encourage lots of good ideas and creativity.  

See you soon! <3

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