Thursday, November 15, 2012

Wednesday Nature Walk :: Skull and Bones

Yesterday's nature walk was so exciting. All my hiking hopes were fulfilled! I found a totally beautiful, super awesome....

Deer skull!

I couldn't  believe it, I was so excited! I flipped it over to check and see how clean it was, and luckily it was basically 90% perfect. When I saw these fissures between the skull plates I was shocked by how beautiful they are. 

It has all its teeth even! No lower jaw, but I can hardly complain about that. We also noticed when we looked around that quite a lot of the body was laying nearby. It wasn't very old because there was still hair and hide attached. Sorry if this picture grosses you out, I was just fascinated by how beautiful the ribs and vertebrae were!

Since we didn't have any way to carry it out (and didn't want to touch it!) my husband rigged up a little carrying device using some vines he found nearby. I was pretty impressed by his resourcefulness!  I've got the skull in some water now to finish cleaning it up and I'll be giving it a light bleach/sanitizing with hydrogen peroxide. Don't worry I will most definitely have more pictures of it soon!


  1. Too cool, seriously. Always jealous of people finding bones and skulls. Can't wait to see it all cleaned up

  2. oh wow, that is so amazingly beautiful, nice find!

    (thanks for stopping by my blog :)


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