Sunday, November 4, 2012

On the Hunt

Today my husband and I spent most of the day in a marathon Etsy preparation session, taking pictures of all sorts of goodies for the shop! (all of which will hopefully be up very soon)

We needed a break midway through, so we headed down to the antique mall. I found all sorts of goodies to share with you...that place was seriously huge. There was no way I could have seen everything in just one quick trip!

How lovely is this little girl's dress? 

Although I would have no use for it, this typewriter is stylin'.

A dreamy color combo for this dishware! 

This box had moss and real tiny bird's eggs in little compartments!!! I wanted to buy it so badly, but it was 60 bucks!

Love this metal bed frame! 

Most of the booths had one or two pieces of glassware in these styles, but then we found one that was the holy grail! It had zillions of these types of cups, pitchers, etc! I'd love to fill my kitchen with these.

Made of feathers! So cute!

Most of these lovelies didn't come home with us, since we're trying to save money. However, we did stumble upon something absolutely gorgeous that I couldn't live without!

 It's a little birdcage music box! When you open the drawer, the bird swings back and forth and plays a little tune! I just love it so much, and we got an amazing deal on it because the dealer happened to be in the booth when we were looking. Twas truly an awesome antiques day.

See you soon <3


  1. That dishware you stumbled across is too cute! I love the pastel colors--looks like cotton candy to me! :)

    Don't you love huge antique malls and thrift shops? I feel like they're always different every time you go... so much stuff it's almost stressful, but it's such an adventure.

  2. Some great things here. I love the typewriter. I also have no use for it, or even a place to display it but It is so pretty! Those eggs and bed frame are pretty cool too.


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