Friday, November 30, 2012

It's All in the Details

I really enjoy decorating the house, giving everything a very personal feel. But since my husband and I have never settled in one place long enough to really devote time to a consistent scheme of decoration, I've only managed to design small little areas. Small as they are, I still love to see these carefully selected details every day because they remind me of different parts of our life together.

Our bedroom has a very definite "ocean" theme...I've decorated it in sea colors with plenty of things to remind us of our honeymoon in Maine, including my Maine glass buoy, our bottle of wedding night wine, and shells from the beach where we were married.

 The Maine love carries over to the refrigerator as well!

One of my favorite quotes of all time, from On the Road by Jack Kerouac.

A painting I made a long time ago of a gloomy monster with sweet intentions.

My husband's beautiful post office box and acorn sculpture, along with my handsome beta fish, Tiny Iota!

I am a self-proclaimed M*A*S*H junkie! This is my very modest collection of memorabilia.

The most gorgeous perfume I've ever smelled.

And of course, Lucy couldn't be left out of a post about my favorite parts of my house! She is the sweetest kitty ever. The poor lady has been through a lot. She was found with an abscess on her rear leg that consumed her foot and spread up to her hips, requiring the amputation of the whole leg. Then later she was attacked by dogs and her other rear leg was torn up pretty badly. Most of the inner part of her foot and leg don't grow hair anymore and two of her toes are missing! Despite all that she is sweet, loving, and playful. My best friend!

See you soon! <3

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